Enjoy some of our latest bird release videos!


Catching Moths for Kingbirds, August 14, 2016

Our team partnered with the Keys Moths project to survey our Wild Bird Sanctuary for different moth species, and as an added bonus we were able to keep the more common species to feed to another group of juvenile kingbirds. Giving the moths to the kingbirds helped to teach the kingbirds which insects they should be hunting in the wild after they’ve been released. This was a huge win-win for us and the Keys Moth project. Check out this video that they produced, and visit their website for more information: Key Moths


Great Horned Owl Release June 29, 2016

Happy Freedom Friday, everyone! After plenty of time spent regaining it’s wing strength, this Great Horned Owl has been returned to nature thanks to the top notch work of our hospital staff at Mission Wild Bird. Thank you to everyone that helps us to Keep Them Flying, and have a wonderful weekend!


Osprey Release June 4, 2016

Happy ‪Freedom‬ Friday! Our team was able to release an osprey this week. The osprey was found unable to fly with poor feather quality. It was also pretty thin and had a lice infestation. After just one month at our hospital the osprey is flying free and hunting fish once again. Thank you to everyone that helps us to Keep Them Flying‬!


Laughing Gull Release May 20, 2016

This Freedom Friday release video is a 2-for-1 special! This morning we released two laughing gulls (Leucophaeus atricilla) that were very happy to be returned to the Florida Bay. Thank you so much to everyone that helped to make this wildlife rescue and release possible, and have a great weekend!