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Intern Kelsey’s Perspective

People ask me all the time, “why animals?” “Why do you want a career with working with or for them? You can be paid so much more and do less work doing other jobs so why put the effort towards a career that won’t give you the benefits that so many people strive for: money and security.”

I always give people the same answer: I don’t want a job or a career. I want to be doing something that I love so that it will feel like I haven’t worked a day in my life but instead, get to enjoy working with animals and helping to save and protect them.

Animals don’t have a voice so I become their voice. I want to be able to speak up for them and use my passion to persuade people that all animals have a purpose on this earth and deserve to be here just as much as we do. That drive is what brought me to the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center. The Wild Bird center’s mission to rescue, rehabilitate and release as well as educate people about the importance of coexisting with birds is what drew me to it. I have been able to witness some amazing comebacks that the staff at the hospital worked so hard to make happen which is why I know I made the right choice coming here.

The dedication and passion that I’ve seen has furthered my own desire to continue getting more experience so that I will eventually be able to go back to school for my Master’s and PhD, so I can become a professor. Education is the only way people will learn and understand that everything living thing on this earth matters.

I hope, one day, I will be able to demonstrate my knowledge and experience to my students and will hopefully help grow the scientific community by igniting my students passion to pursue an animal degree and doing research along with them.

Kelsey Clark, FKWBC Intern, 2015

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