Cormorant Rescue 01

If a bird becomes hooked or entangled in fishing line, make sure to take the following steps:

1. Don’t panic. This happens more often than you think, and it probably wasn’t your fault.

2. Do NOT cut the line. This can lead to much greater problems in time for the bird.

3. Gently reel the bird in. Even larger birds like pelicans can be slowly hauled ashore.

4. Carefully place a towel or large shirt/cloth over the bird’s head and eyes. Covering a birds eyes helps to calm the bird down.

5. If you can do so without compromising the safety of the bird or your own safety, attempt to remove the hook. To do so, cut the barb off of the end of the hook and slowly pull the hook back through the bird’s tissue. Attempting to do so without removing the barb can cause further tissue damage.

6. If the hook has been swallowed or is embedded too deeply to remove easily do not release the bird. Call the FKWBC (305-852-4486) or another local, expert animal control agency.

For more important information about how to prevent wildlife from becoming harmed by fishing line and hooks, please click the image below: