Nowadays there are many ways to support the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center other than making a traditional monetary donation. Listed bellow are different outside-of-the-box ways in which you can support the Bird Center.


Amazon Wish List


Our staff regularly updates our Amazon Wish List to reflect which supplies we need most. These items are used at both our Wild Bird Sanctuary as well as our avian hospital, Mission Wild Bird.

Amazon Smile

amazon smile

Amazon Smile is a program that sends a percentage of sales made on Amazon’s website to our team. Simply click here, then it’s just a matter of shopping for your favorite products!



amazon smile

Qgiv is a new charity platform that allows our supporters to contribute directly to our mission. Simply click here, to learn about all of the different options that you have for making a donation.


Text Messaging

amazon smile

You can text “BIRD” to 50155 to make a donation directly from your cellphone. You can set your own amount to give, and normal texting rates apply.



good search logo

Goodsearch is a search engine that sends money to us every time you search for anything online. Simply click here, select the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center, and start searching! Most web browsers will allow you to set Goodsearch as your default search engine.



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Similar to Amazon Smile, iGive allow you to shop while earning donation for the Bird Center. The only difference is that you don’t have to shop on Amazon exclusively to help Shop at your favorite online stores and help to raise funds for the Bird Center today!