Visitor Education Center

Our Visitor Education Center is the newest addition to the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center. Opened in October, 2015, the Education Center supports the #KeepThemFlying mission through education exhibits designed to help visitors cultivate an appreciation for wild birds and their importance to the ecosystem.

Meet the donors who made our Visitor Education Center possible:

The Education Center features a variety of interactive exhibits, including:
  • Streaming videos of bird releases and hospital activities
  • Cornell University Lab of Ornithology eBird Kiosk, allowing birders to record data into the eBird system to help identify birding hotspots locally
  • “Build-a-Bird” puzzles areas for children
  • Interactive bird migration maps
  • Bird anatomy studies, featuring x-rays, articulated skeletons and more

Education Center Visiting Hours

The Education Center is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and offer self-guided tours, pre-scheduled docent-led tours, informal field trips for classroom visits, and formal field trips as part of the Bird Center’s Educational Programs. Contact us for additional information.