The perfect gift for yourself, a loved one, friend, or colleague. By adopting a bird you will be helping with their care directly. Adoptions last for one year, and we will use every dollar of your donation for the care of our animals. Click the images below to learn more about the birds that you can adopt today!

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Leopold - Barred Owl




barn owl


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Bonnie & Clyde


Samson & Delilah

Samson and Delilah - Great orned Owl

Moody & Luna


Flop & Friends

Flip - Blue Jay

Icarus & Friends


Charlie & Friends


Shorebird Habitat


Pelican Habitat

After adopting one of our birds you will receive:


  • Adoption Certificate

  • 4″ x 6″ photo of your bird

  • History of your bird

  • Personal thank you letter

  • E-newsletter subscription


Make an adoption today!

Testimonial from a Bid Center supporter, Lisa Barker

I first visited The Florida Keys Wild Bird Center back in February of 2000. I was enchanted by its avian residents, a few of which included a young, strawberry icing-colored Roseate Spoonbill named “Pinky”, “YC”, a personable Yellow-crowned Night Heron (and former patient) who returned every winter, plus an exotic-looking Wurdemann’s Heron (the only time I’ve ever seen this exquisite South Florida specialty), and a pod of boisterous Brown Pelicans, with one much larger (and quieter!) American White Pelican in their midst. The memories of the feathered friends I made that day stayed with me long after my return home to northern Virginia.

Meanwhile, I had joined the Centers mailing list, and it was through their quarterly newsletter “Footprints” that I learned I could adopt one of their non-releasable birds for a year. What a fantastic gift idea for my pelican-loving husband! He proudly displayed his Adoption Certificate, complete with a handsome Brown Pelican photo, on the wall of his home office. Over the years I made several such adoptions, and it was always such a joy! This year I decided to do so again, choosing another bird my husband adores, an Eastern Screech Owl by the name of “Professor Moody.” I also gifted myself with a habitat adoption, “Flop and Friends,” the star of which is a beautiful Blue Jay that “meows.” I was thrilled to be able to help a songbird and fellow backyard bird resident.

In this season of thanks and giving, won’t you consider adopting a bird? There are many wonderful resident species and their habitats to choose from, and it can be done entirely online in about five minutes. And remember, every dollar of your donation will be used directly for their care! Keep Them Flying!

– Lisa Barker, 2016

If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact our Development Coordinator, Kyle L’Hommedieu;

*NOTE: If you are purchasing a bird adoption as a gift for someone else, then please email Kyle for further instructions in order to complete the adoption process.